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In 2006 Gill met Kay Gilderdale and her beautiful daughter, Lynn, who was sadly afflicted with ME and who acted as the figurehead of the “25% Group” which campaigns for the most seriously affected ME patients. She interviewed them for the health pages of the Daily Mail, an interview that finally dispelled the myth that ME – myalgic encephalitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome – is a psychological illness.

Onelast goodbye by Kay GuilderdaleIn December, 2008, Lynn decided to end her life and elicited the help of her mother. As a result, Kay was put on trial on a charge of attempted murder at Lewes Crown Court, Sussex. She was acquitted in January, 2010. Gill conducted an exclusive interview with Kay for the Daily Mail and subsequently acted as ghost writer to help her tell the moving story of her daughter’s courageous struggle against ME and of her own agonising decision to help her find peace.

One Last Goodbye – sometimes only a mother’s love can help end the pain,” by Kay Gilderdale, is published by Ebury Press.

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Gill’s first book project was ghost-writing the autobiography of Louise Medus whom she had also met Louise Medas - book coverwhen she went to interview her.

Louise was born without arms or legs, a victim of the devastating drug, thalidomide. She was the daughter of David Mason, a wealthy London art dealer who led a high profile and successful campaign in the 1970s to get proper compensation for thalidomide victims.

Louise’s inspiring story of bravery, humour and determination to live a full life despite her disabilities is told in “No Hand to Hold, No Legs to Dance On,” by Louise Medus, published by Accent Press in January, 2009.


Gill is now working on a biography of Bronwen Jones, the founder of a remarkable South African charity called Children of Fire.

In 1996 British-born Bronwen began caring for Dorah Mokoena who had been horrifically injured as a baby in a squatter camp fire. Bronwen raised money to pay for operations to rebuild Dorah’s face and started a school to educate her. She went on to found the charity which has subsequently helped hundreds of burned children from all over South Africa and beyond to get the surgery they need to live full and independent lives.

photo bronwen jones and children

Bronwen Jones, her son, Tristan and the burned children she fosters,
Dorah and Sizwe.


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